A few of the comments we have received on the follow up survey we send patients about 2 months after getting new hearing aids.  Patients are not identified due to confidentiality requirements and it would just be bad form!

I love my new hearing aid and the old one is doing much better on the left side.  Everything is getting better as time goes on.
Thank you for all your efforts!

Thanks for seeking my input- I particularly enjoyed working with Dr. Tecca!

My new hearing aids have improved the quality of hearing in my life.  I find that I tend to make adjustments more for selected hearing than before, but when adjusted there is improved hearing.  My previous aids when adjusted did less to improve my hearing.  I now need to changed batteries more often maybe because of the advance in technology. 

Appreciate the time spent working with me in the many adjustments to make my hearing aids the best I've ever had.

My hearing aids help me to hear everything.  They are easy to operate.  When I take them out at night it's like I turned off the world. 

I'm happier than with previous aids.  Thanks.  You done good, as the old saying goes.  I will call if trouble arises.

I am absolutely delighted with my iCom.  It is amazing to me the difference in tv viewing.

I tell everyone how much my hearing aids have helped me, lots.

"Thanks for not selling me more than I needed.  I would highly recommend you to anyone needing hearing aids."

Love them!!  Thanks for your great service!

My experience with my hearing aids has been very positive.  Thank you.

Thank you for caring- I seem to get along fairly well with my hearing aids.  Nothing is perfect, most of my friends
accommodate my hearing aids when there is a group.

I like them much better than the old ones.  I'm still learning how to position myself to hear better in noisy places.

As soon as you walk into the office you are greeted with a very nice smile and a friendly face.  The best staff an office could ever ask for.
I am very pleased in all.

My hearing aids aren't my real ears, but they're almost as good.  Thank you!

"I really have enjoyed the new blue tooth with my phone and TV.  It's the greatest."

Thank you!  They're the best!

"To thank Dr. Tecca and all of you for your patience and kindness when ever I need you to "Be There"."

Kristy- you were a great help.  Thanks!

Kristy was very patient with me.  She's a valuable employee.

Your office staff are kind and a pleasure to work with.  They are professional people.

Best aid I've had after spending 10,000 on junk.  Need one for left ear- see you soon.

Excellent change from old aids.

"You have exceeded my expectations in all areas.  I wish to thank you and Dr. Deiters for a fine job."

"These hearing aids have extended my professional life as a college professor."

I would like to extend sincere thanks to John for all his help with my newest hearing aids.  There were numerous issues which he patiently resolved for me!  I give your name out often with high recommendations!

The instrument is wonderful.  No more “rain barrel” or “echo”.  It is as close to normal hearing as you can get.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys are completed on the way out the door after hearing tests. 
The following are some of the comments left behind. 

Can’t say enough good about visits here.  You’re all friendly and helpful.  Dr. Tecca is very knowledgeable and very kind.  Great office!!

Very pleasant experience.

Thank you – I appreciate all your kindness and help.

Nice to be able to adjust appointment time at my request without any problems.

Impressed with my visit – very satisfied.

Top of the line service!

I am glad I came!!

Dr. Tecca has always been very courteous and office personnel helpful!

I am always satisfied!

I always feel so welcome.  Tell everyone about coming here.

I have recommended this service to others and fully expect to continue with it myself.

Awesome! Office staff is super…treated like family

Everyone here is wonderful.

Great service, very nice doctor.

Everything was explained very well.

Love coming as everyone treats me so well.

Thank you so much for your help…your attention to my needs and encouragement were greatly appreciated.

It’s always wonderful coming and having all my problems solved.

I always feel welcome here.

Very good experience…Kristy is a great find for your practice.

Thanks for bringing a bad ear back to a normal category.

You are the best…very trustworthy…thank you

Always leave confident my needs have been addressed.

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