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Many patients equate a hearing test or evaluation with the anxiety of getting a root canal. In some ways this is a normal reaction to the fear of hearing loss. Yet, this safe and painless procedure is the important first step in any program of hearing loss prevention or remediation. In our Kalamazoo-area offices, we offer state-of-the-art hearing testing in a comfortable, reassuring environment. We’ll use our extensive knowledge, experience and sophisticated equipment to answer the following questions for you:

Do you have hearing loss?
Which part of the ear is causing the problem?
Do you need referral to other professionals for intervention?
Do you need hearing aids or other assistive devices?
Do you need hearing protection?

We’ll explain our findings and recommendations to you, and gladly provide as much time as you need to have all of your questions answered.
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Hearing Aid Products & Services; Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing aid consultation, selection, fitting and training are offered for those needing amplification. Often people come to us without any previous exposure to hearing aids. They’ve seen advertisements and believe it’s like picking out a new television, but it’s actually more involved. We match your hearing loss, communication environments and personal needs to the most appropriate technology. We have years of experience in this area and try to make your appointment simple and pleasant as the various amplification options are presented. Consideration is given to hearing aid size and technology as well as your physical and cognitive needs.

The majority of hearing aids are created from custom impressions of your ears to help ensure the best possible fit. Measurements of hearing aid performance are made after initial adjustments are completed, then refinements are made as appropriate.

Adjusting to new hearing aids is very easy for some individuals but rather challenging for others. You’ll receive individualized post-fitting follow-up care until you’re comfortable with all aspects of your hearing aid.

Does your hearing aid need repair? If so, bring it to the professionals at Hearing Services & Systems in Portage. We’ll repair it promptly and economically.

Trial Period

In a few cases, patients simply cannot adapt to hearing aids. If you experience this, you may exchange yours during the 30-day trial period or return them for a full refund.

Hearing Conservation

Consultation for prevention of hearing loss is also available. Noise is the leading cause of hearing loss in our country, and if you are exposed to excessive noise from occupational or recreational sources, we can help you protect your hearing to prevent noise damage. A variety of hearing protection devices is available for noisy environments including power tools, gunfire or music.
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